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Our schools grow by reputation and word of mouth. Rather than focus investment in large marketing budgets, we focus on an unparalleled martial arts training and an inclusive enviorment for all. We typically find our dojos grow by means of referral from our students and parents. Many of our parents become adult students as they pursue their own personal development in the art.



"A True traditional martial art. The blending of the three arts make a powerful and fluid martial art. The only way to get more traditional training is to train with the founder's themselves".



" I took classes for three years and spent so much money on promotions. This school is awesome. The structure helps me get from one rank to another and they are not out to take my money all the time. I love Shisei Ryu Aikibudo

Mary Miles


"I was looking for a traditional school. I tried the other schools in my area and found Shisei Ryu to be very organized and structured. The Sensei's are very knowledgeable and skilled martial artists. I enjoy the curriculum as I'm able to develop on my own and make this my own art".

-Jennifer Stamato


"New to the martial arts, and very much enjoy the training and skill. I took the Women's Self Defense Seminar's and now am training with other students. It was a great life decision for me to take part in it"


"Really like the training and common sense techniques. I like the stucture of the blending of the arts without being an MMA school. Definately want to make Shodan in this art. - Page D.


“Looking forward to the Black Belt Seminar in June. The Training will be phenonemal".

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